We believe you can't do life alone . . . 

Relationships are vital. No one is meant to live alone. No one is meant to experience life apart from meaningful relationships. That is why Sunday school at Greenlee is so important. This small group environment exists to accomplish 3 important things.

We exist to REACH people.

We exist to TEACH people the Bible.

We exist to MINISTER to people.

If you are disconnected and in need of relationships, please come and join us in Sunday school. Connect. Be encouraged. Minister together. Grow in your faith.


We are currently in The Gospel Project Chronological. Our entire church–all ages–is going through the Bible in chronological order. This makes it easy for parents and kids to keep the conversation going after Sunday morning. Come and check it out.

A Class for Everyone


Nursery - birth to 2 years

PreK - 3 & 4 year olds


Kindergarten - Wendy Wisor

1st-3rd grade - Steve & Deborah Webb

4th & 5th grade - Janie Butler & Carey Woody


6th - 12th grade - Pike Davis


Singles - Gary & Vickey Justice


Couples 20s & 30s - Les & Janine Ashcraft

Couples late 30s & up - Andy & Leah Kelly

Men's Class - Max Jordan

Ladies 1 - Doris Willis

Ladies 2 - Shirley Jordan

Deaf Ministry - Ruthene Hill

We are looking to add new Sunday school classes this year!! Come and see what meaningful small groups look like at Greenlee.